Thin cucumber wrapped crab meat, avocado, fish egg, spicy mayo

Tuna Tataki


Pepper tuna, cucumber w. ponzu sauce

Tuna Carpaccio


Tuna sheet with fresh mix green, cherry tomato, jalapeno, sweet onion with chef's special sauce

Yellowtail Jalapeno


Yuzu lime zest clear soy sauce, jalapeno, micro green

Touched White Tuna


Light torch white tuna, tomato, sweet onion, scallion, finally with special sauce and wasabi oil

James Island Appetizers


Half avocado, tuna or salmon, fish egg, scallion, spicy creamy sauce

Spicy Tuna Gyoza


Crispy tuna dumpling, guacamole, balsamic Thai chili aioli

Beef Tataki


Light touch NY Strip, sweet onion, micro green, ponzu sauce

Salmon Ceviche


Salmon sashimi delicately wrapped on top of avocado with sweet onion, jalapeno, finished in chef's special sauce

Suno Mono


Diced sashimi fish over cucumber w. ponzu sauce, masago, scallion

Avocado Sashimi


Tako Su Appetizer


Sliced octopus over cucumber w. ponzu sauce

Red snapper special


Thin slice red snapper w. Japanese dressing ponzu sauce, jalapeno scallion

Spicy Tuna Cracker


Pan Fried Sushi Rice w. Spicy Tuna on Top w. Three Special Sauce, Scallion, Masago.



Salmon Special


New Zealand Mussel